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Laravel Seeders on Steroids


Seeders are a great way of creating fixture data, as well as dummy data, for your development environment. Ryan Chandler shows you how we can make them even better.

Do you need marketing tracking and automation?


Justin Jackson used to invest heavily in marketing automation, tracking, attribution, configuring funnels, and retargeting. But after 13 years of doing marketing for SaaS companies. But now he's convinced that 90% of it is unnecessary.

Writing great alt text: Emotion matters


Good alt text means that screen reader users get the same 'meaning' from the page as a fully sighted user. But sometimes that's easier said than done. Post by Jake Archibald.

Testing approaches for Laravel Form Requests


Laravel Form Requests are one of the most powerful components of the framework. They can handle request authorization and validation ahead of controllers, keeping them more clean and concise. They have been an important part of the framework since version 5.0 and despite a few minor differences between versions, they have not really changed much.

The Best of Both Worlds


Laracasts has been rewritten to Inertia.js and this explains why and how.

How to Support Junior Developers: Ten Crucial Tips for Seniors and Leads


In my opinion naming yourself a senior developer is not based on your years of experience, but on how you help other developers grow. This post by Anna J McDougall, explains you how to do that.

From Node to Ruby on Rails


I learned to code in the Javascript stack [1] and am building a Javascript based product [2]. I never questioned this stack: many companies default to it, JS everywhere seems good, and the community is big. But for my new side project I decided to try Rails because despite some perception that Ruby on Rails is ‘over’, people in HN comments say it was somehow more enjoyable than the newer Node based stack. Post by niko

JavaScript Notes & Reference by Wes Bos


Lot's of JavaScript notes as a free resource, based on the Beginner JavaScript Video course of Wes Bos . They can be used as a stand alone guide, along with the videos or a quick reference for all the different parts of JavaScript like the different ways to declare a function.

How Spatie created over 200 PHP and Laravel packages


Spatie has around 200 open source repositories on GitHub. Their packages have been downloaded nearly 75 million times. They are being downloaded 4,5 million times each month.

Offset vs Cursor Pagination in Laravel


This article explains what they are and which one is the best for your use-case