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Analysis of 425.909 favicons


Analysis of 425.909 favicons

How Livewire works (a deep dive)


The experience of using Livewire seems magical. It’s as if your front-end HTML can call your PHP code and everything just works. A lot goes into making this magic happen. Caleb Porzio shows what’s going on.

How to update large data in Laravel


Max Hutschenreiters approach to update lot's of data

Partitioning GitHub’s relational databases to handle scale


In 2019, to meet growth and availability challenges, we set a plan in motion to improve our tooling and ability to partition relational databases. Post by Thomas Maurer

Automating the Laravel 8 schema dump using GitHub Actions


The schema dump command is far by the most useful new feature in Laravel 8. In this post Dan Mason will take you through the challenges faced when he decided to add schema:dump into the release process and how he automated it using GitHub Actions.

Strategies for decreasing the number of queries in a Laravel app


Oh Dear is all-in-one solution to monitor your site that my buddy Mattias Geniar and I have created. It can monitoring uptime, certificates, broken links, scheduled jobs, and much more.Under the hood, Oh Dear is a large Laravel application that performs many queries all of the time. To power future features, we've recently changed our database structure and refactored some pieces in our code base. We increased performance by decreasing the number of queries.In this blog post, we'd like to to share some techniques that might be helpfull to increase the performance of your Laravel app too.

Building a PHPUnit to Pest Converter in a week


The motivation and execution around building a PHPUnit to Pest Convert in one week.

Fun with PHPUnit Data Providers


PHPUnit data providers are cool, but there are ways to make them even cooler.... by crell

Optimize Images with a GitHub Action


Chris Coyier shows how to optimize images via a Github Action.

How To Develop Your Business’ Technology Roadmap


Software development without a roadmap is akin to driving off a cliff — an undertaking that seriously jeopardizes your product’s life. Here’s how to develop a business technology roadmap that ensures your project safely reaches its final destination.